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 2013, Beverley Reid with 'rock' - a component of  "Homage to a Rock"

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I'm looking forward to getting back to the basics of drawing and painting, and working en plein air in my garden. I haven't done that since 1990. At that time it seemed necessary, and revitalizing. The desire to capture the moment is again important and freeing to me. After a year or so experimenting with mixed media on paper, I felt a need to return to fabric, but in a more painterly way.

In many ways, there is not much difference in approach to either the works on paper or the fabric. There is a sense of form that is consistent in both mediums, although the materials used certainly provide a different outward appearance. There is a strong commonality in the message, subject matter, shapes, colour, and textures. An example might be considered in the stitching on fabric as being equivalent to drawing on paper.

The experience of working with paper subsequently allowed more freedom with fabric, which is inherently less spontaneous in its execution. The works from 1990 were put away for many years, but, to a large extent, and at a subliminal level, the experience in producing the paperwork has informed the fabric work which followed.

I always feel somewhat apprehensive about my new works, but I'm feeling very positive about this exhibition and about the new works to come. The garden continues to be my main source of inspiration, although increasingly tempered by an awareness of environmental issues.

Beverley Reid
July, 2013

[Artist statement - 2005 catalogue]

"I love the sense of discovery in making a work of art. There is always something to gain from that discovery, whether or not ‘success’ is the result. Sometimes the focus is on the materials at hand or in hand. The inspiration can come from places and things that are familiar to me such as the garden, rocks, plants, and occasionally other creatures. Sometimes it's a poem, or it could be a feeling or observation of something mysterious or disturbing. The fabrics themselves are often an inspiration as well.

Rocks are very apparent in the large hangings and have become the focus of many of the recent works. I became fascinated with the shapes and textures of rock, and have built many rock walls. Seeing a rock that was split open was a revelation to me, as though its heart was revealed. I later found books on rocks and minerals with magnified images that uncovered a very abstract and colourful inner structure. This discovery has inspired a series of collages on the ‘heart of stone’ and the strata of the earth. The rocks are like portraits. It is an exploration of a timeless world of primordial history - one that informs us about ourselves and our world, and serves as a powerful reminder of our connection to the earth and the universe.

The works represent events in the garden, and are a journey through life, death, decay, rebirth, and especially of beauty and new beginnings - of constant change, much like the seasons."

Beverley Reid
October 2005

Beverley's husband Richard is also an artist. Visit his web site.

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